Route 60 Trading Post

Magdalena, NM


Quotes On my first day, several of the local business owners stopped in to welcome me and wish me luck which speaks volumes about how kind and supportive the community of Magdalena really is. - Magdalena, NM Quotes
James Chaves
December 15, 2004

Quotes As a native to New Mexico I thought that the town of Magdalena was going to be just like anywhere else in the state but I was surprised to see that this town was not just a town, it was a community with close ties and relationships. Everyone made my husband and I feel welcome, especially Mr. Chaves. He took the time to show us around his gallery and treated us like family. The art work within this gallery was phenomenal and was like nothing we had ever seen. We bought a beautiful necklace and some gifts for the family. Can't wait to go back! - Mora, NM Quotes
Martha Taylor
July 11, 2006

Quotes While traveling through from Arizona and after a long stretch of highway and weeds we stumbled across this small town of Magdalena. Wanting to stretch our legs, we decided to stop at the Route 60 Trading Post to check it out. After browsing through this very quaint shop we fell in love with the jewelry. The owner was very inviting and helpful. I saw something I really liked but unfortunately it was too small. Mr. Chaves offered to have the item custom made and had it shipped to me the following week. I recommend to everyone passing through to stop at this fine shop. Even if you do not buy anything, I'll guarantee you will be amazed at the fine craftsmanship and the beautiful displays. - Scottsdale, AZ Quotes
Samantha Bowen
October 20, 2007

Quotes I was passing through on my way back from hunting. My buddy and I killed an elk and needed a couple extra coolers for the meat so it wouldn't spoil. We checked a couple of places in the town of Magdalena but no one sold coolers. Finally we stopped at the Route 60 Trading Post to try one more time. The owner happened to have one and was kind enough to sell us his personal cooler as well. If it hadn't been for him our meat would have gone bad and it would have been one disappointing weekend. - Albuquerque, NM Quotes
Ron Estrada
November 16, 2009